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The Triple Star Earrings


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The Triple Star Earrings

Description from vendor:  

1.ALL jewelry in my line is stamped .925 sterling silver. This is globally recognized as sterling silver. Some earrings may have a piece hanging that says .925 as there is not enough room to stamp. Lately they have not had to do this, so it should be all stamped. Earring hooks/posts ARE sterling silver as well!

2. ALL the stones are NATURAL. I cannot control the veins or how many will be on a stone.

3. Frequently used stones are: Turquoise, Howlite, Onyx, Red Jasper, Pink Jasper, Leopard Jasper, Lapis, Malachite Pyrite, and more.

4. There are THOUSANDS of shades of Kingman Turquoise. And THOUSANDS of different types of turquoise. Kingman is the most common/most requested.

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